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"Dear Terry, your poem was so beautiful and deep, that it brought tears to my eyes, I was so moved by it!!

I thank you for posting it on the net for everyone to read. God has truly blessed you with this wonderful talent of yours. Thanks again and God bless".

Bianca Johnson
Bonita Springs, Florida   USA

"Dear Terry, I am savoring your poetry and find the e-book well worth the price. Frankly, the ones I like the best after a quick review, are not any that you offered as samples. "He Can", to me, is particularly touching. May the lord bless you and continue to inspire your mind, quicken your spirit, and give joy to your soul".

Russell B. Hicks
Bakersfield, California   USA

"Thank you so much for that poem. It was truly a blessing to me. I could feel the holy spirit speaking to me through it. I just want to let you know that it made a difference in my life. May God bless and keep you".

Matthew Grenke
Toronto Ontario, Canada

Tuesday 10:08AM
Bright and Sunny
Chicago, Illinois  USA

From: Terry Goss

My dear poetry friend,

Can good poems improve your health and well-being; making you a happier person?

  You know the health benefits of laughter in your life. Can good poems do the same for you?

   You fell in love with them as a child.

  You discovered and fell in love with them early, as pleasurable childhood nursery-rhymes. 

  Remember, you enjoyed a surge of delight when you made words rhyme. You still get that joyful surge today. Now, you can appreciate and fully enjoy very good, penetrating, touching, love poems.

  Love poems that Bless your soul. So moving, they bring tears to your eyes.

  Love poems so deep, you almost feel yourself growing as you read. You walk away inspired and Blessed.

  What a beautiful touch of love, when you feel such a poem was written especially for you, personally.

"I found these poems very helpful in my life and very inspirational. I thought they were great and will be sending them to a friend"

Cathy Hooks
Dallas, Texas   USA

"Dear Terry, Thank you for your beautiful poem. It's a blessing to me, to know we have christians, who use their talent to praise and glorify God. I will look forward to reading your other poems. Thanks again".

Betty Cooper
Gaffney, South Carolina   USA

           Can you really put a price on such poems?

  Can you really put a price on a Blessing? Warm "heart-touching" Blessed love poems. If you're like me, then you love poems. Especially very good Blessed love poems. 

  Poems that tell a tender story and has a secret spiritual love message hidden inside. Poems that inspire you and help you grow. Poems that touch a private heart-spot. Poems that bring tears to your eyes.

  I don't know what I'd do without my collection of Blessed love poems.

  Today, so you won't be without, I'll share, so you can enjoy my private collection of (107) Blessed Love Poems. The ones I hold dear to my heart (some I wrote, and some by other authors).

Here's how you'll benefit:

You'll cherish your "exclusive" collection of poems; not available anywhere else on the Internet or in bookstores.

You'll delight your family and friends when you share your poems with them.

You'll enjoy being carried away on the poetic adventures of your poems (leaving your cares and worries behind).

You'll enjoy the treat of having a lovingly deep and wonderful poem touch you in a special way, bringing tears to your eyes.

You'll grow from the Blessed spiritual love messages hidden inside your poems.

You'll enjoy the private intimate feeling that your poems were written just for you.

You'll re-read and enjoy your poems again and again, for years to come.

"Peace and Blessings Mr. Goss: I am enjoying my lessons on kingship. So please keep them coming! Thank you so much for including those lovely and inspiring poems. I really needed to hear "In the valleys I grow". Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our grief that we forget that after each storm comes sunshine!

So we must remember that without the valleys there would be no mountain tops. So I thank God for the valleys so that I will have the strength to climb the mountain to get to the top! God is so good, all the time!"

Julia Holland
Youngstown, Ohio   USA

Here's your Blessed love poems:

Here's a list of your (107) Blessed love poems:
(poems I wrote; and some by other authors)

1).  "God Loves You"

2).  "Father... It Is Done"

3).  "My Soul's Secret Lover"

4).  "When Tomorrow Starts Without Me"

5).  "Healed And Whole"

6).  "God's Great Holy Ghost"

7).  "Treasures"

8).  "Lean On Me"

9).  "Surprise"

10). "Does Heaven Have A Phone Number?"

11). "Roses For Rose"

12). "To Touch The Heart"

13). "I Must Go Shopping"

14). "From Dust To Kings"

15). "To Forgive Both Adam And Eve"

16). "Judge Gently"

17). "Traveling On My Knees"

18). "When Jesus Looks"

19). "Always There"

20). "Along-Side My God"

21). "Every Day"

22). "Take Heart"

23). "God's Grace"

24). "Smile"

25). "Wait"

26). "The Promise"

27). "On The Wings Of Prayer"

28). "Just Warn Me About My Soul"

29). "I Refused To Be Discouraged"

30). "Drinking From My Saucer"

31). "The Weaver"

32). "My Lord, Is This Your Will?"

33). "It's In The Valleys I Grow"

34). "Don't Quit"

35). "How To Be Happy"

36). "God's Soul Food"

37). "A Grain Of Doubt"

38). "Don't Look Back"

39). "Be Still"

40). "Faithful"

41). "He Can"

42). "He Knows Your Name"

43). "I Asked the Lord To Bless You"

44). "I Said A Prayer For You Today"

45). "God's Mysterious Holy Plan"

46). "I'll Paint You A Rainbow"

47). "Just So You Will Know"

48). "Just To Inspire You"

49). "A King In Training"

50). "Lamp Of Truth"

51). "Life Is A Miracle"

52). "Little"

53). "I'm Me -- You're You"

54). "My Special List"

55). "True Friends"

56). "How God's Kings Are Made"

57). "'Twas The Night"

58). "Was It Worth It?"

59). "What I Will Be"

60). "Are You Prepared For Heaven?"

61). "Self Control"

62). "Seeing God In Everything"

63). "Sealed With A Kiss"

64). "Prints Of Elbows On My Bed"

65). "Practice What You Preach'

66). "The Character I'll Keep"

67). "Ripples"

68). "Pathway Of Pain"

69). "Our Faith"

70). "One Little Rose"

71). "Teach Me To Pray"

72). "Jesus Even"

73). "Jesus Satisfies"

74). "Start Over"

75). "Smile"

76). "End Of The Day"

77). "Safely Home"

78). "Your Cross"

79). "God's Secret Character"

80). "Take A Moment To Listen Today"

81). "Every Day Is Easter"

82). "So Little Time"

83). "Today I Smiled"

84). "Don't Stop Praying"

85). "Use Me Lord"

86). "God Give Me..."

87). "Your Great Mind"

88). "Go With The Flow"

89). "Faith Is Stronger Than Fears"

90). "The Death Of Adam And Eve"

91). "Touch My Heart"

92). "Chosen Vessel"

93). "I Dreamed I Stood At Calvary"

94). "Blessings"

95). "Let Me Give"

96). "Your Fear Of Death"

97). "The Light Of Friendship"

98). "The Never Ending Story"

99). "The Way We Affect Others"

100)."The Friend Who Stands By"

101)."His Spirit"

102)."Always There"

103)."I May Never See Tomorrow"

104)."If I Knew"

105)."Tell Him"

106)."Will You Love Me When I'm Old?"

107)."The Love I Saw In Heaven"


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